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The new construction era in the millennial age is booming because of the use of the Fabric Building.

The Fabric Building is the number one corrosion prevention plan in buildings today. They have up to if not to exceed 30-year warranties and are cost efficient in the building process as well as maintenance post construction. The steel is permanently protected from corrosive elements both inside and outside the structure.

The fabric liner keeps all the steel elements out of contact with the frame, hence, preventing corrosion from starting.


The Fabric building is particularly popular for bulk storage uses such as; mining, marine locations, military, aviation, salt, and sand.  For decades, Fabric Buildings have been utilized by Indian Casinos, Event Centers, Sports, and Churches as their start-up facilities based on the speed of construction and lower costs. Many, later replace their fabric structures with conventional construction once funding allows. But many also choose to keep their fabric buildings as their permanent structure.

commercial construction

When we say, ‘Fabric’, we are talking about a layer of architectural fabric.

AGC’s fabric membranes are made from IPG’s NovaShield. IPG’s patented weave produces impressive strength-to-weight ratios and its lighter weight makes for easier, faster, money-saving installations. NovaShield features excellent physical properties, wider widths and better color retention than comparable products.


That ‘Fabric’ then attaches to the building frame, inside and out, covering every steel part in the frame, including the fasteners and welded areas that the epoxy may have missed.

The Fabric Building liner provides an incessant barrier that, unlike traditional steel coating approaches, will not chip, pit, or crack over time. Using fabric liners is the only solution to eliminate dust and even birds from settling on the frame.

When you use the Fabric Building you are choosing a cost-effective alternative to epoxy paints.

As an industry leader, AGC has constructed thousands of buildings and self-performs the installation of your Britespan Fabric Building and can handle your entire project, Turn-Key, from start to finish.


Commercial Contractor


The first step in finding a Commercial General Contractor is figuring out the wants vs. needs in terms of scope of work and budget. Are you needing Turnkey or Design-Build? Once that is determined, prepare an outlined proposal for your project. Now, you have a basis for the contractor to propose on.


Choosing the right Commercial General Contractor isn’t easy. Sure, you can google them and find out what they offer and check out their websites like you are doing with ours. But how do you know if you’re choosing the ‘Right’ Commercial General Contractor?


This decision is an important one because the consequences of not doing your due diligence in researching the best contractor will be disastrous.  You must be calculated, strategic and make a smart decision as to who will secure your build.


Here are 5 Key Steps in Choosing the right Commercial General Contractor:



1. LICENSED: do they have a verifiable General Contractors license? Are they recognized globally? This is your first key step in gaining the assurance you need in a general contractor for your commercial construction build.

2. PORTFOLIO: do they have one? They don’t need a huge office with tons of employees, less is good. Quality over quantity is what you’re looking for, this is everything in the world of construction.

3. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS & REVIEWS: take a look at their completed projects and what their customers had to say. You want to hear about the ‘process’ from start to finish. In construction, a contractor is only as good as his most recent completed build.

4. HONORABLILITY: A lot is involved in an estimate in a construction build so an accurate calculation must factor in the final contract. An experienced Commercial General Contractor will have already developed a clear process in which to scale their operations to the size of the job. What are their Values?

5. SKILLED TEAM: Are they a Construction Project Management Team which informs you that they are made up of trained specialists within their field to include the sub-contractors that are brought on to complete a portion of your project. 


At AGC , we value Integrity and Honesty in our relationships with our Customers, Subcontractors, and Vendors.Prefab Walls

Loyalty, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Discipline, and Commitment are values we strongly believe in.

Our flexibility makes us ideally suited for any type of commercial construction. Our Skilled Team has years of experience in a range of construction and renovation projects which allows us to be proactive in identifying and correcting possible issues.

AGC if family operated and brings well over a century of combined experience to each construction project we build.


Steel Buildings


Steel Building Material

steel buildingsSTEEL, as a building material, is in high demand and is growing at a fast rate within the construction industry.


In today’s fast-paced construction industry, builders are looking for ‘speed’, So they turn to Steel Buildings and Fabric Buildings because of their durability, adaptability to prefabrication, erection time, warranties and low maintenance.


Developers look for these qualities when choosing the type of building structure to build, that’s why AGC offers Varco Prude Steel Buildings. We are an authorized Independent VP Steel Building Builder. And as an independent builder, we offer State of The Art Design-Build Services in local communities across the United States.

steel buildingsVP Buildings is a World Leader in the Pre-engineered Steel Building industry. And they offer a Fast-Track program that can be manufactured and delivered to your site in as little as four weeks.

As you go over the numbers, think about all the benefits of using a Steel Building and how AGC can provide you with a custom design-build to meet your specific needs.


There are so many advantages using a Steel Building and AGC and VP Buildings delivers Steel Buildings at competitive rates without forfeiting any quality control.


But also, keep in mind, AGC offers not only Steel Buildings but Britespan Fabric Buildings as well. We area Full-Service Commercial Contractor that Specializes in Design-Build, Turnkey, and Project Management.


We have our In-House Prefabricated Wall Panel Manufacturing Wood too!

Our Prefabricated Solutions separate us from any Contractor in the Market.


Eleven Reasons for Using Steel Buildings on Your Next Project

Steel Buildings


Hybrid Buildings

The New Hybrid Fabric Buildings

What’s all the talk about the  New Hybrid Fabric Buildings?

There is nothing new about the idea of a structure constructed using stretched fabric over a framework. However, there is more to fabric buildings today than there were years back.Hybrid Buildings
To most people, when you mention fabric buildings, the one thing that comes to mind is a temporary tent-like structure. What they do not count on, is that contemporary fabric buildings are just as good as engineered metal-concrete buildings.

Dynamics of Fabric Structures

The engineering behind fabric structures and metal ones is pretty much similar, the fact that one utilizes metal cladding and the other doesn’t, being the only difference. The use of Aluminum beams have replaced metal that may rust over time.

The contemporary designs of stretched fabric are made to be durable enough they can last decades.

One of the questions many people ask is, how tough can the fabric be? Can it tear up just because some clumsy person mishandled a box of utility knives? It takes a whole lot of pressure to even make an impression on fabric. Another advantage is, in case of a tear, it’s easy to repair or even to replace a whole section if need be.


Multiple framework designs and combinations of aluminum, concrete, and fabric have done a lot to turn fabric buildings into the ideal structures for commercial use today. In fact, the versatility available to fabric, in that you can morph it into any building design to suit your needs, makes it a popular choice.
Hybrid fabric structures do not just meet diverse niche requirements; they can also be made to fit into varying sizes, going as high up as 1000 ft in height.

The question is, are hybrid fabric buildings better than their metal counterparts? If you take time and costs into consideration, the answer is yes. This is because fabric matches metal and timber in everything else including durability, strength, purpose, etc.


The Point Casino was constructed by our sister company and a perfect example of the new Hybrid Building Solution?