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Benefits of the New Self-Healing Asphalt Sealant

AsphaltProfessor Guoqiang Li has invented a new type of sealant that could help put an end to the pavement cracks. The self-healing asphalt sealant is an asphalt mixture that allows asphalt pavements and roads to fix themselves when there are cracks. This is a welcome development because it offers several benefits to the construction industry. Here are some of the benefits of the new self-healing asphalt sealant.

The most important benefit is that It will extend the lifespan of our roads!
Asphalt roads last for years before you see them crack. Now that there is a sealant that will fix the cracks immediately as they show up, the lifespan of the roads could be doubled. In other words, roads will last much longer.Asphalt

The next benefit is that it will lead to less construction closures. Now, I don’t know about you, but this takes up a lot of time and its very inconvenient when you are trying to get to work on time. Yes, they only close one lane at a time but it still effects all the other lanes as well. With this sealant in place, roads will be closed less often and there will be less stress for us motorists.

And another awesome benefit is the fact that it is cost efficient.
Every time a road construction crew comes out and must fix it, the cost is enormous. By using this new self-healing asphalt sealant, the cost will be reduced drastically. This sealant has already been used on some of their roads in the Netherlands and it is estimated that it could save the country up to $99 million annually. 

AsphaltHowever, using self-healing asphalt will increase the cost of road and pavement construction by about 25 percent. All the same, it is still a welcome invention as its benefits far outweigh its cost in cash and in convenience. Remember, quality does not come cheap, but it sure pans out in the big picture.

This self-healing asphalt will definitely be raising the bar in the construction industry. Right now, construction engineers are waiting to test the sealant to be sure it doesn’t have any other drawbacks. After that it will be introduced in many countries mainly because of its cost-saving advantage

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