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Both; steel and wood have its pros and cons and it’s difficult to say one is better than the other in all aspects. So let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons: 

Steel or Wood BlogPros of using Steel
Steel is versatile since it can be molded into any shape and made to fit any structure. Durability also counts for steel. It lasts for years. Even if you live in the wet atmospheres and it rusts, it still holds its own with low maintenance. While some types of wood may be strong, steel is much stronger than any wood. The most important benefit of steel is that it is eco-friendly and can be recycled and reused multiple times.

Cons of using Steel
Yes, steel can be re-modified but not without a lot of work. You will do a lot of heating, hitting and welding. Generally, steel doesn’t ‘look’ glamorous like wood no matter its design. And steel is heavy. You can’t transport steel as easy as you transport wood because of its weight.

Now, let’s look at Wood;

Pros of using Wood
Wood has versatility because you can cut to order/design. Another pro for wood is that it is easily found in your local Home Depot or lumber yard. This limits having to ship it to the construction site. And ofSteel or Wood Blog course, Wood naturally looks better.

Cons of using Wood
No matter how long wood lasts, it can never last as long as steel. Consider this: why is it that steel is normally used to reinforce bridges and not wood? It is because of steel’s strength and durability. Wood cannot withstand harsh weather conditions like steel. You need to continuously work on the prevention of issues affecting wood like drying, cracking, bowing, and termite infestation. That simply means wood has higher costs of maintenance. Needless to say that compared to steel, wood burns!

Having outlined the pros and cons of both steel and wood, it is left for you to choose which of them will be more suitable for your building project.