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The New Hybrid Fabric Buildings

What’s all the talk about the  New Hybrid Fabric Buildings?

There is nothing new about the idea of a structure constructed using stretched fabric over a framework. However, there is more to fabric buildings today than there were years back.Hybrid Buildings
To most people, when you mention fabric buildings, the one thing that comes to mind is a temporary tent-like structure. What they do not count on, is that contemporary fabric buildings are just as good as engineered metal-concrete buildings.

Dynamics of Fabric Structures

The engineering behind fabric structures and metal ones is pretty much similar, the fact that one utilizes metal cladding and the other doesn’t, being the only difference. The use of Aluminum beams have replaced metal that may rust over time.

The contemporary designs of stretched fabric are made to be durable enough they can last decades.

One of the questions many people ask is, how tough can the fabric be? Can it tear up just because some clumsy person mishandled a box of utility knives? It takes a whole lot of pressure to even make an impression on fabric. Another advantage is, in case of a tear, it’s easy to repair or even to replace a whole section if need be.


Multiple framework designs and combinations of aluminum, concrete, and fabric have done a lot to turn fabric buildings into the ideal structures for commercial use today. In fact, the versatility available to fabric, in that you can morph it into any building design to suit your needs, makes it a popular choice.
Hybrid fabric structures do not just meet diverse niche requirements; they can also be made to fit into varying sizes, going as high up as 1000 ft in height.

The question is, are hybrid fabric buildings better than their metal counterparts? If you take time and costs into consideration, the answer is yes. This is because fabric matches metal and timber in everything else including durability, strength, purpose, etc.


The Point Casino was constructed by our sister company and a perfect example of the new Hybrid Building Solution?

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