Here at AGC, we follow a list of Core Values that we strive to enact in our everyday operations and provide this Professionalism with our Clients…


By treating all of our Team Members as “Part of the Family” we developed a strong allegiance to our continuing growth as well as professional demeanor


We carry ourselves every single day to have the admiration and respect for one another as well as with our Clients


By instilling Honor as a Core Value we feel by having the integrity and doing the right thing for our Clients, Sub-Contractors, and Vendors further extends our relationships and continued business


If we promise something, consider it done. Keeping our word is held high in our practices


The training and support our Construction Professionals have ranged from a stance on Safety to the Professional way we carry ourselves requires discipline every single day


Finally, our commitment to providing our Clients with a finished product that goes above what they expected. At the end of the day, we want our Clients left with a smile on their face