AGC specializes in Design Build projects, saving our customers tens of thousands of dollars in Architect fees and weeks to months off of the construction schedule.Using a Design-Build process is one of the most time efficient methods of any construction project.  It is a concept-to-completion approach to any building project.

With any successful project, we know that it needs to be grounded daily with a commitment to excel.

Imagine having a complete team of experts working together with you to bring your vision into reality. AGC recognizes that it takes a community of dedicated and knowledgeable people to complete your building project, that is why AGC integrates all aspects of the Design-Build process.

Your vision can go from the design phase into the construction phase with less stress.

Omissions during the design process can be identified and revised during construction. During the construction phase issues that arise can be resolved with design elements.

Using the Design-Build process offers the customer as much information as required because it allows the customer to interact completely with the General Contractor.

The contractor helps the customer through the design phase and then will offer their creative expertise that will allow for your budget.

Design-Build begins with a Concept, and then a Budget is compiled for the concept. Design vs. Conceptual Budget is then evaluated by the Design Team and presented to the client.

When using this process, it will provide a completed project through a unified systematized process that delivers the project on budget, as designed, and on time.

From start to finish, the Design-Build process provides superior quality control, efficiency, and checks and balances to ensure a successful project.

At AGC, we take on the responsibility for making your dream a reality by completing the vision you have for your project.

Whatever your needs, no matter how large or small, American General Construction has the solution. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that you get a quality product at a fair price.